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Many people have an old car sitting around in their garage or driveway or taking up space in a rented storage unit. The car may not have been driven in years and may not even run. No matter what the condition of any model of used or junk cars, Kelly Junk Car Buyer pays top dollar on the spot and provides free towing. By contacting Kelly Junk Car Buyer, in the  area, can find a simple solution to the problem of that old junk car that has been taking up space and costing money.

Junk cars do end up costing the owner money in one way or another. Sometimes it is just the fact that the car is taking up valuable space in a garage or driveway that could be used for something else. Other times it is the fact that the car is being insured against theft, fire or vandalism even though no one is driving it. Finally, some homeowner's policies will not cover damage caused by an old vehicle if there is an accident, meaning that homeowners will pay out of their own pocket if the old car damages a building or causes injury to another person.

In short, junk cars are often not worth the trouble of storing them. However, junk cars are not easy to get rid of. With overflowing impound and used car lots as well as tight restrictions on landfills, it can be difficult to even find someone to come and get the vehicle from your garage or yard.

Kelly Junk Car Buyer offers you not only the chance to get rid of that junk used car that has been tying up your valuable space but to get cash for it, as well! No matter how bad the condition of the vehicle, Kelly Junk Car Buyer can offer you top dollar. We will come to your location, evaluate the vehicle and pay you cash on the spot. We will even tow it away. Kelly Junk Car Buyer has a network of scrap yard, salvage dealers and used parts suppliers who are looking for cars just like yours.

Just give us a call at 1-877-345-3559 or visit us on the web at We can take your information online or over the phone and have you a quote in minutes. If you agree, we will come quickly and pick up your junk car at no cost to you.

Salvage Car

We appreciate the chance to make the best offer on your salvage car. We'll be fast, we'll tow it away for free, and we always work around your schedule...

Salvage Yard

The old fashioned salvage yard has moved to the web, and we're proud to be a leader in the next generation. We buy cars for scrap steel, spare parts, to sell at auction, and to fix up and resell to used car dealers. This means that we can offer you the most money possible.

Sell Car For Scrap

We would encourage you to talk to a few salvage dealers before you sell your car for scrap - And then give us a call today, so we can give you the best price for your scrap vehicle...

Scrap Car

Because of ongoing devaluation of scrap metal, some cars that used to be worth the most as scrap, are now more valuable after being repaired and serving the American market for affordable used cars...

Cars For Scrap

You can sell your scrap car to a used parts dealer who will be breaking it down and trying to use as much of the car as possible OR you can get the most cash by giving us a call today...

Car Scrapping

If you go to a traditional car scrapping business or even a charity, make sure they give you the best possible deal...

Wrecked Cars

If you have a wrecked car you can sell it for cash. There are companies that will pick up the car for you, do all of the paperwork, and give you cash on the spot.

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