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When you sell a vehicle to Kelly Junk Car Buyer, several things can happen. If your vehicle is in very good shape, we may sell it to a used car dealer who will clean it up and resell it to someone who needs a good used vehicle. On the other hand, some cars simply are not in the type of shape to make a good safe vehicle for anyone. If this is the case, we often buy cars for scrap and sell them to salvage experts who will break them down into component parts.

The car salvage business is alive and well thanks to the need for good used car parts at reasonable prices. The price of car components has skyrocketed in the past few years, and even aftermarket parts are very expensive for new cars. Many people are hanging on to their older vehicles a few years longer so that they can save money, and that means finding the parts to fix these cars when they break down. Salvage dealers offer parts for these fixer-upper vehicles, so they must keep a good supply of parts on hand for their customers from a number of makes and models.

Therefore, Kelly Junk Car Buyer is a great resource for these salvage experts. They buy from us consistently and are always on the lookout for older vehicles to strip down for parts. Whenever we pick up an old car, truck, van or SUV, we notify our buyers that we have a new vehicle coming in and they negotiate for the parts they need from these vehicles. This allows us to make the very best use of your old vehicle and dispose of that car quickly and simply. It also helps the environment when you turn your car over to someone who can utilize the parts rather than simply junking the car in some landfill.

When you call 1-877-345-3559 or visit us at, you will find that your vehicle is disposed of properly and you get cash money on the spot. We will pick up that old junk car that is cluttering up your garage or driveway and pay you cash for it, the haul it away for salvage. You feel better about selling your old car to us and we get useful parts from your car to sell to those who need them, so in this process everyone wins in the end!

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We buy cars in all conditions. Everyone has a different definition of a junk car, and we would appreciate the chance to buy yours.

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We offer the most cash possible if you're looking to junk a car.

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We're a family run business that specializes in making the highest offers possible in cash for junk cars...

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Our junk car removal business has thrived because we have changed with the times and can offer the most cash possible for your old car.

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Junk car towing prices vary across the country. On the low end, small towns and more rural locations can offer towing services for as little as $75.

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People often wonder what kind of person or company will buy junk cars. Individuals with an old car sitting in their garage or driveway that they want to get rid of will often sell the old car to a salvage or junk yard for a little extra cash.

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Call us and say those magic words: "junk my car please" and we'll compete like heck to get you the most for that old junker and we'll hopefully get it removed within 24 hours if possible.

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No matter which route you take in finding a place to sell a junk car to, as long as you follow-up on their background and establish that they are a reputable business, you should be able to make a good deal.

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Cars For Cash is the name of the game, and we've become very good at it over the years.

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If you have a junk car you are hoping to get rid of soon, you may also be hoping to get some cash for it as well.

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You should never pay for free junk car towing and removal no matter what its condition, call us today and find out why...

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