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Wrecked Cars

When your car is involved in a wreck it is difficult to know what to do with the vehicle. If the wreck did significant damage to your car, truck, van or SUV, it is likely that you are ready to get rid of the vehicle, but how do you do so? Kelly Junk Car Buyer buys old, used and wrecked cars for cash and will even tow the vehicle if it is inoperable at no charge to the seller.

When a car is involved in an accident, there is usually a process by which the insurance company evaluates the damage. These days, it is not difficult for a car to be "totaled" in even a minor crash. That means that the cost to fix the vehicle is more than the car is worth if it was to be sold. This is actually more often the case than many people imagine, given the high price of body work and parts to fix vehicles these days and the low resale value most vehicles have.

This means that many people are faced with a vehicle that has been wrecked in an accident for which they cannot obtain a "clear" title. Once a vehicle has been totaled, most states will not allow it to be titled again except as a "totaled" vehicle or a "salvage" vehicle. This means that the seller must disclose to the buyer that the vehicle has been declared a total loss in an accident. Many insurance companies will not insure such vehicles, and most people do not want to buy them.

So what do you do with a vehicle if the insurance company has declared it a total loss? In some cases, people are able to find buyers if the car still runs, but then there are the problems of dealing with insurance coverage and regulations as well as how to title the car. Instead, why not give Kelly Junk Car Buyer a call? Our dealers can take care of your title and insurance problems, give you cash on the spot and tow away your salvage vehicle with no problems or effort on your part.

Call us at 1-877-345-3559 for information on how to sell your car quickly and without a hassle. If you prefer, visit us on the web at We are always ready to buy your old junk vehicle for cash on the spot and tow it away at no cost to you!!

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