Sell Junk Car Lansing

If you are looking to sell a junk car in Lansing you will not do better than Kelly Car Buyer. We realize that you have many options, and work very hard to be the best. There are a handful of junk yards and salvage companies that work in the area, but we are a family run business with 30 plus years of experience. If you pick up the phone, and answer a few quick questions about the vehicle you are looking to sell, we are sure you will quickly see that we are the best car buyer around.

We recognize that the “junk car business” has a bad reputation, and even admit that it is well deserved. That only makes it easier for us to set ourselves apart. Here’s how and why we do it. The how is simple. We pay the most cash in the area for junk cars, and used cars in general. That is obviously the most important thing to our clients. It’s an easy promise to make, but one that takes decades of experience and hard work to deliver.

First, if your car, truck or van is truly a “junk” or “salvage” vehicle, that just means it is only worth its weight in scrap steel. In those cases, we look for the recycling company that is paying the most cash per pound for the steel. The market fluctuates, and we keep up to date. It allows us to give you the most for your junk car.

Second, we recognize makes and models that are still on the road, and understand the market for spare parts. If there is demand, we can break your car down for spare parts and will spend the time and money to do so. From windshields to transmissions, there is often demand for parts on many popular models. We are not just a junk yard that throws vehicles out in the lot and allows them to rot. We break them down, pull out usable spare parts, dispose of the fluids and toxic metals properly, and get every penny we can from the recyclable steel.

Kelly Car Buyers even has long standing relationships with wholesale auto auctions that cater to dealers and mechanics looking for parts and vehicles that they can rehab for profit. We are a Midwestern company that is wired into auctions nationally. If there is demand for your car in Chicago, we will pay to transport it from Lansing. This kind of effort allows us to offer more cash to the people we buy junk cars from.

The last way to explain how we can pay more is simple. We have full time mechanics, a dealer’s license, and can fix up and resell budget cars directly to the public. Virtually no junk or salvage yard spends the time, money, or effort to get cars back on the road. We found long ago that there is always a demand for inexpensive cars that run and drive. Some families have just come on hard times, and some new drivers just need a car to get to their first job. There isn’t huge profit potential, but it allows us to help someone out and pay you more for your car.

How we pay more is tough. It’s the result of decades of trial and error, and constant work to make sure we maximize the value of every car we buy. We make more when we buy more, and we buy more “junk cars” when we can pay more.

The “Why” We Do It
The why we do it is much simpler. Kelly car buyer is a family owned and operated business that has been buying cars since the 1980’s. We get lots of return business and word of mouth advertising is always the best. Our father started the company, and his kids run the day to day operations. Our mom still comes into the office every day to make sure that the tow truck drivers are showing up on time and that we follow up on our promises. We are also teaching the third generation of the family about how to run a business, as well as care for clients and staff.

We never forget why it’s best to do business the “right way”, and we’re sure that you will see the difference if you give us a chance to buy your junk car. Please take a few minutes to give us a call.