Sell Truck

An old truck can be a real liability. If you have an old pickup sitting in your garage or driveway, you may be wondering what in the world to do with it. It is big, bulky and seems to have no value. Further, it may actually be a hazard in terms of a fire or injury risk. However, there is a simple answer to your problem. Contact Kelly Junk Car Buyer today and we can give you cash for your old truck as well as tow it away for you at no extra charge.

If you have ever tried to sell an old vehicle that is in bad shape or does not run, you know that the market for such trucks is limited. In fact, most companies will tell you that they will come and get your old truck if you pay them for the towing and disposal! Kelly Junk Car Buyer approaches the sale of an old, used or junk vehicle differently. We know there is money to be made from these sales and we want to pass some of that money on to you in the form of cash for your old vehicle. After all, if it were not for your old truck, we would not be in business!

Kelly Junk Car Buyer benefits you in two ways. As the owner of an old, decrepit or non-running vehicle, we can offer you top dollar in cash. The other way we can benefit you is by helping the environment. When you choose to sell your old truck to Kelly Junk Car Buyer you avoid sending yet another vehicle to the landfill. Our network of specialists, including used car parts buyers, are ready to work with us to reuse your vehicle in whatever way possible, whether that means fixing and reselling it or simply using the components in other vehicles.

Just call us at 1-877-345-3559 or visit us on the web at to fill out an easy form and get top dollar for your truck. It could not be easier to find a buyer for your old, junk or wrecked pickup truck, no matter what make, model, year or condition. Kelly Junk Car Buyer is ready to give you top dollar for your truck in the form of an instant cash payment. Do not wait weeks to get paid for your truck; give us a call today at Kelly Junk Car Buyer…